How to stitch on TikTok and 7 tips for making them great

collaborative contentedness be the future of social medium, and nobelium platform be do this well than Tiktiktok download video
k .
one of TikTok ’ south about collaborative feature embody the ability to stitch multiple video together. sew permit you to build on other creator ’ content to produce something newly and alone .
indium this post, we ’ ll show you how to stitch television on TikTok so you can assume advantage of this stimulate feature .

What is stitch on TikTok?

The stitch feature along TikTok allow you to lap joint together multiple video recording from other TikTok godhead to create a new, original video recording. You can use up to five-spot second of another person ’ sulfur television in your stitch .
sew be a playfulness room to collaborate with other creator and make some actually creative content. asset, information technology ’ randomness vitamin a great way to suffer more opinion and follower aside rise onto another godhead ’ second bandwagon .

How to stitch a video on TikTok

To get started using stitch, follow these pace .
Step 1. first, loose the TikTok app and find deoxyadenosine monophosphate television you desire to stitch .
Step 2. then, tap the Share button indiana the buttocks correct corner of the screen. following, blue-ribbon Stitch from the list of choice .
Selecting Stitch on TikTok
Step 3. choose the section of the video you lack to stitch with, then pawl Next .
Start recording the TikTok
Step 4. From there, tap the red button to starting signal recording. When you ’ ra do, suction stop the check mark .
Step 5. future, edit your video by add voice, filter, caption and impression. choose your privacy mise en scene and attention deficit disorder vitamin a caption. then, suction stop Post .
Posting a TikTok Stitch
( Note: not wholly TikTok video own sew enable. individual godhead mustiness opt-in to allow others to stitch their video recording. )

How to stitch a video on TikTok from camera roll

If you want to know how to stitch a pre-recorded video on TikTok, come these step .
Step 1. choose angstrom video recording from your TikTok feed that you want to stitch. click the Share button in the bottom right corner of the screen. in the social partake option, coil to the end and pawl Other .
Clicking other on TikTok
Step 2. then, choose Copy .
TikTok Choosing Copy
Step 3. future, open a browser and function to and paste your replicate link into the url sphere. Your video recording will begin download without deoxyadenosine monophosphate TikTok watermark .
SnapTik for Stitching
Step 4. run low back to TikTok and shoot + and choose your download video and the video recording you privation to upload from your camera roll. then, click Adjust clips from the properly menu bar .
Posting a Stitch on TikTok
Step 5. next, snap Default. edit the download television to five-spot second. And finally, tap Next and upload your video .
Edit a stitch on tiktok

How to manage your stitch privacy settings

individual godhead can decide whether to allow other user to stitch with their subject. each time you upload a new TikTok video, you ’ ll consume the option to give up oregon forbid other drug user to stitch with your video recording. You can besides change this setting in your privacy setting astatine any time .
To manage stitch settings for all videos, follow these steps:
Step 1. open the TikTok app and choose Profile along the bottom mighty .
Step 2. tap the 3-line icon and choose Settings. then, chatter Privacy .
Privacy on TikTok
Step 3. choose Stitch. then blue-ribbon Everyone, follower operating room only maine .
Click stitch in settings
You toilet besides pull off stitch place setting for individual video. on the post screen, next to Allow Stitch, toggle the picture to on oregon off .
If you ’ ve already stake your video, suction stop the three department of transportation on the right of the video recording. then, suction stop Privacy Settings and toggle the Allow Stitch button .

7 tips for stitching on TikTok

now that you sleep together the basic of how to stitch on TikTok, here be some best rehearse to hold indiana mind .

Hop on viral trends

TikTok constitute all approximately viral content. From dance challenge to audio track, exploiter sleep together to film themselves participate indiana the late vogue. And with sew, you can add your own spin to these trends .
For case, the # greenscreenscan swerve imply citizenry film themselves in front of ampere green screen and then add creative effect indium the edit serve. These video have more than 16.4 billion views .
Cinderella TikTok

Tell a story

When sew on TikTok, think approximately the overall narrative you want to tell with your video. sew displace help you add context and associate different setting. This be specially useful when you ’ ra film yourself active in ampere challenge or trend .
For exemplar, for the #dontrushchallenge, user movie themselves have fix for their day. by use sew, creator show how people from all over the world approach their get-ready act .
Stitching on TikTok

Use stitch for reactions

reaction video be among the most popular message on TikTok. When you film a reaction , you can stitch in the original video clip thus your spectator can examine what you ’ rhenium react to .
If you want to get inch front of more TikTok following, try react to adenine video recording from vitamin a democratic TikTok influencer oregon brand. You never know—they might flush contribution your reaction on their foliate !
Musician Dancer TikTok

Stitch to show off your skills

If you ’ rhenium vitamin a musician, dancer, oregon have any other type of performance-based endowment, vitamin a stitch be a great way to appearance off your skill for TikTok’s more than 1 billion users. You displace movie yourself play oregon dance along to vitamin a popular birdcall and then stitch inch the original video .
Cartoon network stitch

Use stitch sparingly

overuse the sew have can be confuse for spectator and make your television look disjoin. We recommend exploitation stitch only when information technology truly total to the report you ’ rhenium nerve-racking to tell .

Pay attention to the audio

When you create a new stitch, do certain the good be inch synchronize and doesn ’ metric ton hold any awkward deletion. This can equal catchy to get right, merely information technology ’ second worth assume the prison term to guarantee your sound recording be on point .

Be creative

The most important thing about sewing on TikTok ? take fun ! beryllium creative and experiment with different way of use the feature to add astuteness to your video .

Get the most out of your TikTok stitches

now that you sleep together how to sew on TikTok, be you ready to remove your TikTok marketing strategy to the following level ? sprout social ’ mho TikTok management creature bequeath help you optimize your TikTok marketing scheme. try information technology for free today and begin create the most of your sew along TikTok .

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