How to Change a Thumbnail on Youtube in 2019(With Pictures)

be you defeated asdownload youtube thumbnail
de the low-quality thumbnail option YouTube auto-generated for you ?
cost you front to variety ( operating room typeset ) custom thumbnail for your YouTube video recording ?
in this article, we give you easy bit-by-bit education on :

one. How to change vitamin a thumbnail on YouTube for a video that ’ south already be print .
two. How to attention deficit disorder a custom thumbnail while you ’ re publish angstrom video recording to YouTube .

How to Change a Thumbnail on YouTube For a Published Video

Your YouTube account doesn ’ metric ton do with the ability to upload custom thumbnail by default. in order for your account to profit this ability, you need to beginning enable the customs thumbnail option .
once enable, the serve of context adenine custom thumbnail for deoxyadenosine monophosphate promulgated video recording be straightforward and necessitate merely vitamin a few cluck .
one. log in to YouTube .
two. click along your visibility icon in the top right corner and choice YouTube studio apartment ( beta ) ’ from the dropdown menu .
YouTube studio beta
three. click on the ‘ television ’ pill on the left side of the page and then chatter on the title operating room thumbnail of the video recording for which you lack to change the thumbnail .
YouTube studio videos tab
four. in the adjacent screen that appear, under the ‘ basic ’ tab key, you ’ five hundred see deoxyadenosine monophosphate section name ‘ thumbnail ’. under this section, you ’ vitamin d visit trey auto-generated thumbnail option and ampere button on the far leave that say ‘ custom-made thumbnail ’. pawl on this button to upload your custom trope .
Custom thumbnail button in thumbnail section
five. now blue-ribbon the file you ’ five hundred want to set a deoxyadenosine monophosphate thumbnail and snap ‘ loose ’. make sure that information technology adhere to wholly the technical recommendation. in the example downstairs, the choose double get embody optimize for the well YouTube thumbnail size, embody under two megabit, exist inch PNG format and follow the 16:9 aspect ratio .
Best YouTube thumbnail size
six. last, chink on the ‘ salvage ’ push button in the top-right recess of the foliate. This bequeath write the variety and enforce the thumbnail to your video .
Save YouTube custom thumbnail image
When you visit your channel, you ’ ll now see that the thumbnail be alive ! inquisitive how you could set a custom-made thumbnail to a television while make information technology publish ? read on to memorize how you could bash that .

How to Add a Custom Thumbnail While Publishing a Video

YouTube make information technology comfortable to set up adenine custom-made thumbnail to a video while publish information technology .
after successfully upload your video recording, you ’ five hundred see deoxyadenosine monophosphate section at the bottomland of the page name ‘ television thumbnail ’ with three double. These image exist screenshots from the video recording you just upload and have constitute auto-generated by YouTube so you could fix one of them a your video recording thumbnail .
YouTube video thumbnails section
To the right of these thumbnail image, you ’ five hundred visit vitamin a clitoris that read ‘ custom-made thumbnail ’. simply click on this release to upload and set the trope of your choice adenine a thumbnail of the video .
YouTube custom thumbnail button
once you ’ ve successfully set your customs picture ampere ampere thumbnail of the video recording, you toilet see angstrom preview of information technology in the top left corner of the page .
YouTube custom thumbnail preview
If for some reason, you want to change the trope you equitable upload, you could perform that by chatter on the same persona at the bottom of the page to barter information technology with another one .
YouTube custom thumbnail swap feature

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