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I took this thẻ from my fut ambassador loan player pick và man was i not disappointed ! I used him at Striker in a 41212 ( 2 ) & also tried him out in that CAM position. For the price that he costs i recommend you use him at Striker và not CAM so you can make the most of him. In 6 games he managed 7 goals và an assist which is actually pretty decent considering i tried him out afer playing lượt thích only bốn games of shbet com
23. I used the basic chem phong cách on him just lớn try him out without any specific boosts as i was still getting used mập the game .

For đoạn phim highlights of these bốn games visit my youTube channel : ” KLN STUDIOS ” – đoạn Clip tiêu đề : ” SONALDO IS OP.. AS USUAL ! – 89 RATED HEUNG MIN SON REVIEW – FIFA 23 “

Anyway, heading into the stats & what this thẻ can & can’t vì .

Pace : He does feel fast when running in behind but unfortunately he takes a while to reach his top speed due to the 85 acceleration on this card. However, pace is a problem on many players this fifa(not complaining, gets rid of the pace abusers haha!) Pace gets an 8.9/10.

Shooting: Absolutely insane, this guy can score it all. 9.4/10.

Passing: Actually pretty good, he can make every type of pass, short pass, through ball, aeriel through balls, crosses, you name it and Son can make it! 8.5/10

Dribbling: Has the ability to drive through teams(which you’ll mainly see at CAM) however, the tight and tidy turns are a bit more difficult to pull off. 8.8/10

Physical: He can hold off the weaker players and does last the whole game, but against the stronger players like VVD for example he will get bodied unfortunately. 7.4/10

Do i recommend this thẻ for your nhóm ? 100 % He is definitely worth the 170 k you would pay for him & is a very good, well rounded thẻ. I think the engine chem phong cách would be perfect for this thẻ as it boosts the acceleration & balance which both need boosting. The shooting as it is now is perfectly fine .

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